Functioning of the Integrated BES System

The IS-Solar Central Processing Unit (SCPU 4) is a stand-alone, fully-equipped control and regulation unit. It makes highly efficient use of solar energy and several stand-alone storage-types are loaded in succession, depending on temperature and demand.
In order to store excess energy that is solar-generated in the collectors, the ground beneath the building is used as a geothermal store for excess energy during the summer months. In times without sufficient solar output the heat pump absorbs the required heat from the geothermal store. Vertical geothermal probes present an alternative to this arrangement.
The IS-EnergyRouter forms the interface for coupling of solar collectors, heat pump, geothermal store and storage tanks for optimum distribution of the available energy.
The IS-heat pumps were developed specifically for heat sources. They are coupled directly with the solar collectors, thus increasing the efficiency of the system significantly. Now even temperatures below 30 °C can be utilized - conventional solar systems cannot make use of this low temperature range, and therefore work far less efficiently. Heat pumps with active cooling provided cool the building via cold water buffer and area heating/cooling systems.
For economically viable use of solar generated energy, low temperature heating surfaces in the form of floor and/or wall heating are required. The necessary temperatures are provided by the system all year round.
Thermoactive component systems (TABS) utilize either solar energy or can be integrated into the system, for direct heating or cooling of the room.

Our Systems Reduce Your Costs!

When you purchase an IS-EnergyRouterSystem, the initial costs may be higher than those of a conventional system. However, compared to a conventional heating system, an IMMOSOLAR system pays for itself in less than 7 years on average. With its intelligent components - i.e. geothermal store under the building, solar-thermal energy, heat pumps and buffer cylinder, up to the IS‑EnergyRouter system - more than 70 % of the operating costs can be saved compared to a conventional system using fossil fuels. In the example mentioned above, operating costs of a conventional system are as high as €44,000 annually, whereas operating costs of the IMMOSOLAR system are only €12,000 annually. By assuming a total lifetime of 20 years for the two systems, this results in savings of more than €400,000 with an IMMOSOLAR system, despite higher inital investment. The price increase for fossil fuels is not even taken into account, yet, otherwise the difference would be even more significant.
With an IS-EnergyRouterSystem you not only purchase a highly efficient and perfectly harmonized energy system, but you also decide in favor of a high degree of independence from fossil fuels and their price increases for the upcoming decades.
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Energy Distribution

Bild: IS-EnergyRouter
The IS‑EnergyRouter is a core component of the IS‑EnergyRouterSystem (ERS). As the central hydraulic unit, it regulates and controls the system, ensuring all energy flows according to temperatures and requirements. The IS‑EnergyRouter acts as the interface between the solar collector system and the geothermal system, as well as for the system integration of conventional energy producers. It ensures the all-year-round provision of a building's energy requirements.

More information

Download data sheet IS-EnergyRouter
Bild: IS-SCPU_4
The IS-Solar Central Processing Unit 4 is a stand-alone, fully-equipped hydraulic control and regulation unit for multiple storage tank systems. It facilitates a more efficient use of solar energy through stage-by-stage temperature-dependent storage in several different storage alternatives. Its integrated regulation enables highly flexible use of solar energy, it even facilitates activation of the building envelope. The intelligent control allows the combination of different energy sources and contributes to the efficiency enhancement of alternative energy generators. The IS-SCPU 4 is available in two sizes, appropriate to specific system capacities: IS-SCPU 4 DN 32 und IS-SCPU 4 DN 50.

Solar Central Processing Unit 4
More information

Download data sheet IS-SCPU_4
Laying of IS-Geothermal Store

Energy Storage

Photo: IS-Register
The IS-Geothermal Store is a long-term storage for thermal energy. It consists of high-grade PE-RT plastic registers and is sold exclusively by BES under the IMMOSOLAR brand. The IS-Geothermal Store is erected in the ground under the building, under the bottom plate of the object. An additional excavation of only 45 cm is required, and no further heat sources, like deep geothermal probes or surface collectors installed in the garden, are necessary. Therefore, construction costs are kept comparatively low.
The IS-Geothermal Store is employed in combination with solar thermal energy and a heat pump. In summer, the IS-Geothermal Store is charged with excess solar thermal energy from the solar collectors, which otherwise would not be utilized, at all. In case of active cooling provided during the summer months, the exhaust heat of the building is stored in the geothermal store, as well. During the heating period, the stored energy is raised to the required temperature level for heating and supplied to the heating surfaces.

Ground heat exchanger
More information

Download datasheet IS-Erdsolespeicher
Picture: IS-Buffer Cylinder
Energy storage tanks are key components which contribute significantly to the system's efficiency. Low heat loss, high-performance heat exchangers, clear-cut stratification of temperature zones and longevity are characteristic for our storage tank systems. IMMOSOLAR storage tank systems by BES feature specifically customized heat exchangers for loading and unloading in operation with solar and geothermal energy generators.

Cold Water Buffer
More information

Download data sheet IS-Cold Water Buffer
Verlegung IS-Erdsolespeicher

Energy Transmission

The pipe systems concreted in the ceilings incorporate the thermal mass of the building structure actively into the energy management. They work with lowest temperature differences to the space. Heating and cooling of the rooms occur over the comfortable radiation exchange with the casing area at highest possible use of ambient energy. Temperature fluctuations in the course of a day and phase shifts between supply and demand are equalized. With IS-TABS energy savings up to 40% are possible.

IS-HKT pro Thermo-active component system
More information

Download Datenblatt IS-TABS
Bild: Register für Fußboden- und Wandheizung
The IS-Area Heating and Cooling Systems of BES heat and cool with comfortable radiation energy due to the low surface temperature and uniform temperature distribution. The uniform temperature distribution is enabled by the exact and narrow tube pitches, it is the reason for the comfortable and healthy room climate.

IS-HKF pro Underfloor heating
More information

Download data sheet IS-Underfloor Heating Register

IS-HKW pro Wall heating
More information

Download data sheet IS-Wall Heating Register
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Energy Generation

Bild: IS-Wärmepumpe_klein
Bild: IS-Wärmepumpe_groß
Bild: IS-Luft-Wasser Wärmepumpe
With brine-water, ERS, air-water and water-water heat pumps and their capacities ranging from 4-200 kW, the IS-heat pumps' product family by BES BuildingEnergySolutions can meet almost any requirements in both new builds and retrofitting of old buildings.
The heat pump housing is characterised by its very low operating noise as well as its compact and service-friendly construction. Due to the integral refrigeration cycle reversal, the heat pump can also be used for cooling, if required. Heating and cooling with one device only!
The increase in coefficient of performance (COP) as well as the avoidance of cooling medium heavily hazardous to the environment are two essential criteria considered in the design of the systems. The IS-heat pumps can be directly coupled with solar-thermal systems, thus increasing the efficiency of the system significantly.


Bild: IS-Hochleistungskollektoren
The IS-High Performance Collectors are especially suitable for high-performance solar systems. They offer freedom of choice for architectural integration. The IS-High Performance Collectors are available in different module sizes, for on-roof, in-roof and flat roof installation. They are equipped with innovative thermal conduction technology for highly efficient heat transfer.

IS-HLK High Performance Collectors
More information

Download Datenblatt IS-Hochleistungskollektoren
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