We Accompany You All the Way - from First Approxi­mation to Servicing and Mainte­nance of the System

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Service + Support

Bild: Auszug aus einer BES-Systemsimulation
Bild: Auszug aus einer BES-Systemsimulation
Bild: BES-Systemgarantie

Simulation and Guaranteed Efficiency of the System

A system simulation compiled by us is not a mere snapshot. We consider and integrate diverse influences into the overall system simulation over a temporal sequence of several years.
For an efficient use of energy, we guarantee the COP of the simulated heat pump system over several years of operation.
Thus you can be absolutely sure that your system fully utilizes the renewable portion.
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We offer extensive training for planners, energy consultants and certified contractors. Furthermore, we offer corporate training courses and inhouse training courses that are taylor-made to the specific requests of your company.
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Commissioning by BES or by one of our certified partners guarantees operational reliability from the outset.
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Optimum maintenance of your heat pump system avoids premature exhaustion of its components. Operators, planners and contractors alike can profit from our longstanding experience in maintenance, optimisation and servicing of heating and cooling systems.
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We are always available to our partners and gladly offer our expertise. We offer qualified support in troubleshooting and solution finding.
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Supervision of Construction

Whether it is on-site training of our systems or pre-commissioning, we support our partners during each construction phase. Supervision of construction helps to optimize the interfaces between different trades on-site and can avoid unnecessary costs.
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